Nala - available

I’m Nala, an exotic blend of rich cultural backgrounds. The path of Tantra found me several years ago when I began discovering the depth of the human body through touch and healing.

It is a path that once experienced, you can’t look back, yet you will start to look further into your existence and can be amazed how we have the source of recreation in the core of our sexuality. That is merely a starting point of what is so beautiful about the massage.

For me it creates space to allow yourself to dive into your consciousness, to be present with self-love and appreciation of your own uniqueness. What I offer is the awakening of subtle sensations in your body and the expansion of arising lust by intertwining sensitivity and powerful sensuality through nurturing energy.

Give yourself this gift to dive into the inner elements of surrender, emotions and playfulness. In that serene atmosphere you feel warm and safe in allowing your sensibility to be present, creating awareness to the physicality of every moment. Life energy will awaken in every cell of your body, so precious; you can’t help it but rejoice. Allow your physical and emotional body to merge and integrate on all levels. With our simultaneous presence, I grant you a deep flow of tranquillity – by letting go and flowing into bliss. This is possible in your own body, your temple. I welcome you to be seen and truly nourished.