Pelvic floor in male sexuality

There is one thing every man should know about when it comes the way how we have sex.

Most of the men during sex or masturbation are creating tension in PC muscle..that is the one we use when we want to stop pee.

Most of the men are not even aware of it, that there is the same muscle activity going on.


Due to that, the sexual energy can't flow freely throughout the body but its being blocked in pelvic floor, mainly around psoas muscle   scroll the page for the large image

When large amount of sexual energy is being stored and suppressed in psoas muscle , that is the reason why men can have pain in lower back spacialy after having sex, or even a lot of pain in anal area.

For sexual health it is essential for men to learn to relax PC muscle whilst having sex, being aware of the contractions and relax it mindfully..

Second step in internal dearmouring, can be done as self massage of anal area or receive massage from partner.

How to do it?

Get plastic gloves if you feel like, or hand desingestion if you don't use gloves.

Use a lot of lubricant, very important.

Enter the anus with one finger and just start with small circle, rotation clock wise. Then try to go deeper.

sometimes when you find sensitive spot, stay on it and do small circles there, or try to press deeper to the sides..somethimes vibrations with finger will help.

Dont be afraid to press deeper.. When you are giving the massage, always communicate the sensations.

this should be done min.2o min, and best min 1x week, more is better.

You can also use vibrators and plugs, it helps to keep the anal area relaxed.

On the beginning you can feel pain, burning sensations or no sensations..but after time you start to feel a lot of pleasure there, and thats a sign of improvement.

Good luck with making better flow in your body:)