Tantric massage - practise of life

There are so many ways to look at tantric massage. But for me personally, it is place where I can train my sexuality. When I go for tantric massage, I can enter intimate space in my body without focusing on the person giving. I can be in my space and focus on myself and then I can relax.

Of course it is great just to be still, not doing anything and just enjoying the touch, but I really like the advance way of receiving massage using the tools which are able to open up my body.

The tools are movements. When I am moving in my body, it’s hard to think... I am present, and according to the law - where attention and energy flows, I am nourishing my body with energy…with new energy, and also bringing access energy from my head into body and clearing my mind with this.. And our body loves attention so much…to feel every part, to play with body and attention…it is really great, special when sexual energy is involved…

Another tool is our breath...it’s an amazing way to let go..Letting go of stress, tension, thoughts.it keeps me even more presence into body and it gives deeper ability to feel and body and open the flow of energy…to feel body and breath is basically all you need for spiritual journey..No mystery behind:)

Another tool is sound. Many of us don’t express sound during sex..sound gives us power, it opens our heart and release stacked energies..It brings us closer to joy and bliss..What really great is, that once we are in use to express sexual arousal by sound, then it is sort of a reflex which can turn us on very fast..

Those are the main tools I like to play with and recommend every person in our treatments.

But what I find most important, is that when it comes to intimate massage, is to keep attention on feelings or sexual arousal;to feel good in genitals.. I believe it is a kind of "gateway" to deep bliss..

Let me explain more about it, it is very important.

Most of us feel pleasure when we have sex, but we are usually lost in partner and don’t have direct connection with pleasure..When it comes to mindful sex, it is important to “anchor" your attention on feeling of pleasure in your genitals and by focusing there you are able to deepen the space of pleasure..and with this practice you get deeper and deeper pleasure..

With this focus you will feel a lot of movement of energy there, because our sense of pleasure has been covered by old emotions and energies…by entering this space we release them and we connect with much deeper pleasure…for men there is usually a lot of tension there..When men have sex, we usually tense the PC muscle. all the time and that is blocking the sense of pleasure..but in tantra we learn to have sex in a very relaxed state of body, but it takes time learn and master this..

This focus on sexual arousal really helps to open up this area and I believe that by focusing on physical pleasure we can enter also the field of spiritual pleasure..our soul is in ecstatic state all the time, it is pure Sat-chit.ananda, as they say in India - existence, consciousness - bliss

For women

there is a lot of suppressed energy in the area of vagina and mainly in clitoris…especially when she was masturbating a lot in order to release tension…then the way to solve this is same for man and women...feel the sexual arousal and focus on it as deep as possible..

Another tool I love with tantric massage in intention...no matter what I choose to work with, it is really great to observe this intention as often as possible and see how this is working in treatment…that can be anything from healing, transformation, creating or manifesting new things in life..

Anything we want to manifest in our life we have to feel first…for example if I want loving and caring partner, why not feel in my body that I have already have him or her? I am being treated with love and care and the feeling that stays in my body will neither bring partner I really want, or help to inspire my present partner to treat me in such a way…

If I need more money and I feel flow of energy in body, I can feel it is the energy of money coming to me, and enjoying it…That will again create something positive..

Mainly for men it is great to learn about ejaculation control…if man wants to be a good lover, it is necessary to master orgasm…proximate length of male sexual act is 11 min...It is not very much…in tantric massage and tantra generally, you learn to have sex for hours…even up to 8 hours…and it does not take years to learn this…you can learn how to use sexual energy for healing, or how to connect your sex with your heart and how to transform sexual energy into energy of love..This work is perhaps the essence of tantric work…

Another aspect of tantric massage I really love is BDSM…it goes for Bondage- dominance-sado-maso...but I am talking about a conscious one…very different…here I learn to embrace pain and experience it like pure joy and bliss…it is a place I can heal my pains and traumatic memories in body...or only to receive it for pleasure…it is another tool that we can practice in tantric massage which brings us endless benefits in our lives..

So as you can see tantric massage is really a dojo of life…a place you can practice your sexuality and learn…and when you learn it with your tantric massage therapist…then it is very simple to bring it to your private life and you become a better lover…a lover with depth, presence, focus, the one who knows what he wants and is able to express it..