How to release suppressed emotions?

Our body and inner energy is in perfect state at all does not need to be fixed or improved..what is causing problems to us are our suppressed emotions.

Something we call “emotional armor", or Eckhart Tolle reflects it as "pain body".This is blocking flow of energy and creates difficulties in our life and in our body.

What is this "pain body"?

Basically all experiences in our body that we react to and don’t receive in peace gets blocked in our body and with time it generates heavy feeling and pain..This energy lives by its own life and it’s based on self protection. It has many triggering bottoms, which are memories reminding us some traumatic or negative experience. It is hard to live a happy life with this energy.

Question is, what can we do with this emotional armor?

From one point of view of tantric work, I offer you a few possibilities.

  1. Awareness - focus on heavy feelings in your body as something else;letting go of identification with pain body is the first step..
  2. 7 tools - There are special techniques helping to release suppressed energy and mainly anger, it is very dynamic type of work, beating pillows, screaming into hands( not too much noice) etc.. We are happy to teach you those tools.
  3. Internal de-armoring - there is a very simple treatment we can do for you or teach you. For men it is mainly anal mapping and prostate massage, for women it is vaginal mapping. If this is done regularly, it will release those suppressed energies very fast. It leads into deep improvement of sexual life and you will feel much better in your body.
  4. Conscious slow sex- very conscious sex, with no intention of orgasm, slow penetration will also release a lot of suppressed energies for both of you.
  5. Psycho-somatic de-armoring - this is something for lovers of strong massage.. We have special techniques which can open the emotional armor in your body very fast..First treatments are usually non intimate.. It is a combination of shiatsu massage, then application of torf wrap, to loosen the body, then very deep massage with use of bamboo and toksen, which is very effective “hammer" which can be a very pleasant way o break the armor very fast..It’s  the best tool I know..really recommending..5 treatments make every back soft :)
  6. Conscious BDSM massage- this is something for pain lovers, or also for people afraid of pain..Actually this “pain body" is in one hand seeking pain and the other hand running away from it.. In BDSM massage body is exposed to certain level of pain that you enjoy and can control and this will in very short time lead you into experience pain as much as joy and bliss..Also very powerful tool to release emotions, and feel sense of joy and stillness in your body. We also teach couples about BDSM as it brings very good energy into your intimate life :)

So, that is perhaps the best tools I can recommend to you.

If you have any question, ask us and we are happy to share with you more and teach you more about this work.